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Will I Be Sorry For Choosing the Cheapest Web Hosting Service?

It’s often said that free web hosting services have the ability to destroy your site but it is same with cheap hosting services too? Absolutely not! Cheap hosting services are not as bad as the free web hosting one. But, before choosing the cheapest web hosting service there are a few things that should be considered before to make sure that you do not regret later. Hence, when you are clear about the features that are brought to you with cheap hosting service then you will never have to be sorry about it.

Search & Compare Cheap Hosting Services

When you are in the heed to find the best hosting company that provides its services at cheaper rates then first thing that you have to do is, search for it. This is the complex process and you must be very careful about it too. Here, look for those companies that bring the services at good price and note the features that are brought by them. After that shortlist the cheap hosting providers that you think are the best and have the qualities that you are looking for.

Explore the features that you need


Once you have found the companies that you think are the best in the business, now it’s time to know which one will stand as the best amongst the best. For this, first have a look at the features that are brought by each company and then tick the one that you are going to need. Write it down, and pay attention towards those companies that have everything that you ever wanted. One thing can be noted here, that the features that are required from a hosting company can differ from site to site, such as a business site might need a fully fledged business hosting that is able to handle good amount of traffic, but a common blog site can be created using a simple standard hosting service too, without too many features. Therefore, clearly understand the features that you need and then enlist the satisfactory company in your list.

What other customers think about it?

Let’s say that now you have three hosting companies that offer cheapest hosting for customers. The next and the most important thing that you have to take to know is, which one will be suitable for your site and to do that you have to learn from the experience of others who have used their hosting services before. This can be done with the help of reviews and testimonials. Through these reviews one can understand how good or bad the hosting provider is and ultimately will you be sorry if you select that cheap hosting provider or not.

Just follow these three tips in a systematic manner and you will never be sorry for selecting cheap webhost for your site. At last, always remember to use only those hosting services that are acknowledged by the webmasters and have the required certification to give you its best service.

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What You Need in A Web Hosting Account?

You have one of the best website that holds amazing potential. But everything will go in vain only when you don’t have a good web hosting company. To help you explore the best hosting company in accordance to your budget, here we are going to discuss a few things that are a must have for any hosting account to flourish. These things will make sure that the web hosting account you have is the account that you need.

5 Important Must Haves in Web Hosting Account

#1. Database: When you have site that keeps on expanding every day then a strong database is something that you should always have in your account. With the help of this, you will have the ability to tackle those websites that need dynamic database applications and capture the data that is crucial for the functioning of the database of the site. Now, common shared hosting providers only have five distinct databases for their customers, this somehow acts as a limitation for the expansion of site. But, with wise planning and perfected tools even the 5 simple database type can be enough for a site to function promptly.


#2. Developer Support: This is the essence of a true web host account. Once your site has gone live then you can start it up with simple and decent set of features, but as time goes by it’s quite important to add additional features to the site which will make it more attractive and interesting for the visitors. This work is carried with the help of the developer support that dwells the programming of the site. This support comes along with endless functions like PHP, Python, Content Management tools, Cold Fusion, ASP net, Java, and Ruby on Rails, e-commerce solutions, admin tools, control panel, blogs and a lot more.

#3. Multiple Domains: Usually, web hosting has strict rules against the number of domains that can be used for hosting. The free hosting plans or low cost plans offer just one domain per hosting, but at the same time there are some hosting providers that come up with services for multiple domains under one hosting account. The price that is charged by these hosting providers are quite affordable only when you book the hosting with a proper discount or deal from the venture.

#4. Server Up-time: You definitely want your website to be live for 24X7 and this is primarily dependent upon the up-time of the server. However, a few technical glitches can bring your site down and this can always be checked in the hosting account to make sure that your site is live and operating properly.

#5. Customer Support: If you face any type of issues with your hosting account then the next thing that you are going to need is a reliable customer support that can help you out with your account and make sure that you are able to utilize the services that are brought by the hosting company without any complications.

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New Zealand- Web Hosting Suggestions

Web hosting is an important aspect of any website. With the help of proper hosting services a site can rightfully receive and handle the traffic that it deserves. This is why here we have our top 3 suggestions for the best web hosting provider in New Zealand that have the requisite tools and techniques that should be present in a best hosting company.

Endless world of Hosting and Domain -Interspeed

This is a reputable webhosting company of New Zealand and has been in this business for almost eighteen years. The company is an innovation from the NetValue Group of Technologies. It works on providing hosting plans for Windows and Linux based site. There are two plans dedicated for LINUX hosting that bring PHP programming, Apache server and unlimited MYSQL 5 Database along with email storage too. One is the standard plan and the other is the premium plan.

  • Linux Standard Plan: The cost of this plan is about $25 per month. Some of the common features of this package are 200MB storage capacity, 5 sub domains, 10 e-mail boxes and 15GB traffic.
  • Linux Premium Plan: This plan is a bit costly compared to the standard one, $30 per month where the customer can have unlimited sub domains, one free domain name, unlimited traffic, unlimited storage and unlimited e-mail boxes too.

The next and the last type of package is the Windows hosting plan that is designed under 2003 Windows server and costs about $39.5 per month. The exceptional features that are encapsulated in this package are 250MB storage, ASP 2,, unlimited e-mail boxes and unlimited traffic.

Leading Webhosting Company of New Zealand- Net 24

This is a well known hosting company that is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. It offers exclusive domain registration, webhosts, virtual private servers and data backups too. This company is well speculated for its Linux, Windows and MYSQL database hosting plans. There are three types of plans which are offered in the respective type of hosting where, the initial package is termed as the standard plan and the final package is the premium plan that allows the user to use every feature of the hosting company. The average plan starts from $4.95 per month which can increase upto $15.95 per month depending upon the specifications that you are going to need.

Find the Right Hosting at

This is another impressive New Zealand web hosting company that brings features at a galore. Some of the important specifications of this company are

  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 5 MB at $30 per month
  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 10 MB at $35 per month
  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 20 MB at $40 per month
  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 50 MB at $45 per month
  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 100 MB at $50 per month
  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 500 MB at $100 per month
  • IIS 6.0/Windows 2003 1 GB at $200 per month

Best thing is that, it has a free step-up with user friendly navigation system that will allow the customers to use the services from this hosting company at an extreme ease.


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Hostgator Promotional Code – Save Money Now

Are you going to purchase the best Hostgator Web Hosting services? So, just wait a moment and explore the endless advantages that you can gain from the offers and discounts that are supported by it. Hostgator is a renowned hosting company that brings spectacular services like Business, Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Reseller packages. The average plan offered by this company can go as low as $1.99 per month and when you have a perfect promo code then you can grab the services at even lower pricing.

Hot Selling Hostgator Coupon

Presently, there are two best selling hostgator coupon that can be explored in the market. The first coupon is a hatching & baby plan coupon that allows the customer to receive the exceptional services of Hostgator at just 1 cent per month. This is reckoned as the test drive coupon that gives the users about 99.9% discount on the very first month, which means people can now use the basic features of this web hosting company in just a penny. Therefore, when you have a domain name and a fully fledged website then be online in just a few minutes with the help of 1 penny (Promo Code: TOPGEAR1CENT)


Next, hot selling coupon is the 25% off promotional offer on any Hostgator package. By far, this is amongst the best deal that is brought by Hostgator to its customers. The promo code is applicable on any plan that you are going to choose. For instance, if you will apply the code with 3 years hosting plan then in just a few minutes you are going to get 25% off on your entire bill, now that’s what makes this a steal deal. (Promo Code: FURIOUS25OFF)

How to Use Hostgator Coupons in just 3 simple steps?

Using Hostgator coupons is quite easy. Here, are the three steps that will allow you to use your Hostgator promotional code-save money

Step 1: Visit the Site: The first step is to go to the official page of Hostgator and then select the desired package that you are going to need.

Step 2: Time Frame: After the selection of the package you will be navigated to the Hostgator Order Wizard. In this wizard you have to enter the domain name of your site along with the time frame for the hosting plan. Be sure about the time frames because once the time frame expires then you have to again renew the services from the site.

Step 3: Enter Coupon Code: Now, once you have selected the domain along with the timeframe for the hosting services, the next thing is to enter the desired coupon code that you want to use. Always remember that the coupon codes that are provided by Hostgator can only be used once. This is the reason, why this web hosting company comes up with remarkable set of coupons every month, which can be used by new customers and even those customers who want to renew their web hosting plan after the stipulated time frame has expired.

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Can I Trust Free Web Site Hosting?

There are tons of ventures that support free hosting services. This is the reason many site owners have the first opinion that “Why to pay for something when you can get it for free”. But, are the free hosting services really worth it? Do they hold a strong competition with paid hosting services? The answer to these questions will be revealed here so that ultimately one can understand that are free services provided by hosting companies reliable or not.

What are the features of Free Hosting Services?

Free web site hosting tends to use your site for their benefit. The hosting company primarily turns your site into a advertising hotspot where one will be able to witness a plethora of external links, banners and ads. This actually diverts your visitors to other sponsored sites of the free hosting. In simple words, the visitors who come to your site, get distracted from the external links or banners and then leave your site and jump to the redirected site. The worst thing here is that the revenue that is collected when the visitor clicks on the link works as a profit for the hosting provider and this is how free hosting service provider earns their share of profit.

Along with that other features like disk space and site expansion is very little, which means that free hosting services will never be able to handle the tough traffic that comes to a recognized business site. And if at all, you use free hosting services for your business site then you might end up losing potential customers because any customer would never want to work with a site that uses free web host which has no security at all.


At last, the customer service that is brought by free host providers is not so good. The reason behind this is there are several customers who enroll every month for free hosting services and when they face any type of technical errors then it becomes hard to handle each one of them. Therefore, tackling technical flaws with free hosting services is not that easy, and there is no guarantee associated with it too.

Who should go for free web hosting services?

It’s true that there are some drawbacks that are associated with free host but that does not mean that these hosting services cannot be used everyone. The trick for having a successful free hosting experience is, always use its services for personal websites and never for business or professional sites that hold huge amount of traffic. For instance, if you have a simple blog or a portfolio site which you want to bring to the online world then free hosting service can be something that you can bring to your considerations. As mentioned before, if at all you receive great amount of exposure or visitors then free hosting is a big no. However, a normal or newbie site can use free hosting to make its mark in the online world and then switch to paid hosting services.

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